10 Ways to give back and spread cheer this holiday season

Hi Loves,

In the midst of the Holiday season it’s so easy to get lost in the Holiday hustle—making sure you have presents for everyone on your list, sending out Christmas cards, preparing for Holiday parties, the list goes on… Sometimes I get so caught up in the hustle, losing sight of what brings me the most joy around the Holiday season—giving back to others. I know that sounds cheesy and don’t get me wrong—my love language is giving gifts. I really love surprising my friends and family with things they really wanted this Holiday season, but I always feel a little guilty in my head thinking I shouldn’t be asking for anything because I already have everything I need. So I think there is a balance. Let’s give a little and get a little. Below are some of my favorite ways to give back this Holiday Season!


  1. Donating your time or money to your local animal shelter! There is nothing that would bring these dogs more joy then getting to spend some time outside of their cage. Some shelters even have great programs where you can check the dog out for a day and take them to the park. You can also buy a couple of dog toys (from the dollar store or even Amazon!) and go to your nearest shelter and hand these out to the dogs. It brings them so much joy. Any financial contribution would help so much especially in coming months after the Holidays when many people send their “Christmas Present Puppy” to the shelter.
  2. Toys for Tots is one of the better known Christmas gift Charities run by the Marine Corps. You can donate a toy to a child in need and make their Christmas a whole lot brighter! Click here to find a drop off location near you. One simple wishPartnership for children , and Samaritans Purse are some other great organizations that help connect you with a Child for Christmas!
  3. Clean out your closet and donate anything you are no longer going to wear to your local homeless shelter or your local church!
  4. Create a handmade card for children that will be spending Christmas in the hospital! Fill them with encouragement and love.
  5. Instead of getting a gift for your spouse, family member, or friend set up a re-occurring monthly donation to a charity in their name.
  6. Bring coffee to a co-worker who’s had a tough year.
  7. Pay it forward at the drive-through and pay for the person behind you! I’ve had this happen to me once and it made my entire day!
  8. Bring cookies to a neighbor and spread the holiday cheer!
  9. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity over the Holidays to help rebuild homes for those who may not have one. This would especially be good for all of those who lost their homes from all of the natural disasters this year.
  10. Get with your friends and family to collect donations for your local food bank!

What are you favorite ways to share during the Holiday season? Let me know by commenting below! 🙂


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