One year Wedding Anniversary Wedding Re-cap!

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  1. Take bridal portraits (if the budget allows!). This is a really good time for you to get comfortable with your photographer and in front of the camera. Your photographer can give you pointers to help make sure your wedding photos turn out great.
  2. Designate a member of your wedding party to hold your phone the day of. They can take care of any urgent matters related to the wedding and allow you time to relax and reflect. You can get to all of those “congrats” texts tomorrow, enjoy the moment!
  3. Have a rainy day plan! Thankfully on my wedding day we did not have to use our rainy day plan but if we did we had everything ready to go. We put a deposit on two tents for our reception since the cocktail hour was outside, thankfully we did not have to use them but it give you a lot of ease on the day of knowing you have a back up plan. Ask your venue what their typical “rainy day” plan is and they can help refer you to tent vendors.
  4. Have a wedding coordinator! This will save your life if you do not have a wedding planner. The difference between a wedding planner and a coordinator is a coordinator will help you more the day of and make sure things run smoothly, they are not technically “planning” your wedding.   Our wedding coordinator was great she made sure all events happened on time and put a lot of ease on me and Alex!
  5. Do marriage counciling! If your officiant offers it its a really great opportunity to have your wedding officiant get to know your and groom and also your relationship on a very personal level. This will allow him to really put personal touches in your ceremony and make it so much more special.
  6. Sneak Away! Before heading to the ceremony take 5 minutes with your groom to sneak away and reflect on become husband and wife! It is such a special moment, its nice to have a moment to take it all in together and share that time.
  7. Be honest with your vendors, this can be hard for a lot of brides if you are not a confrontational person (ME!). This is your wedding day and it should be everything your dreamed of, do not be afraid to voice your opinion. If you really hate white table cloths or yellow flowers voice your opinion.
  8. Stick to your budget, at the end of the day (I will admit it) it is just one day. While you may be fretting your day will not be complete without those monogramed cocktail napkins it is better to start off your marriage not being in over your head with your finances or having family mad at you. I guarantee your day will be special monogrammed napkins or not!
  9. Do not be afraid to negotiate with your vendors. Especially with your florist since they tend to have the most wiggle room. The florist/event designer should give you an itemized break out of all the costs. If you feel any of these are too high see if you can work with her on any of the cost, swap peonies for garden roses etc,. They should be able to help y0u work down the cost on this.
  10. Do not worry about the little things!!! Yes I will warn you things might not go exactly how you planned them but you only get one day/night to enjoy your wedding, make the most out of it!

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